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What are you playing for fun lately? Post a video below! Let the music that brings you joy bring joy to someone else! Suggestion- post your video on youtube as unpublished and then you can link it here in the comments. Also, feel free to email your video to and we will post it for you!

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Have you finished C Major and F Major? Now it's time for B-flat Major.Haven't joined the challenge, yet? It's not too late!

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Hi all! Checking in on your major scales. Did you finish C Major? Level 1 Challenge- 1 octave, Level 2 Challenge- 2 octaves, Level 3 Challenge- Full Range Scales (more info about this in the video! Please feel free you post your own videos so we can share in each others' progress! If you don't want to post it here, email it to I hope you're taking the challenge!

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